Road Construction

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Report a Road Construction Project Question or Concern

General Information and Maps

2021 Road Construction Locations

Chisago County 2022-2026 Approved TIP Projects

CSAH 30 (Forest Blvd) Improvements Project

CSAH 30 (Forest Blvd) Email Alert

To sign-up for periodic email blasts, please email Ben Hobert, Chisago County Project Engineer, at   The email blasts will alert residents and business owners of current and future construction activities, changes in traffic control, and other pertinent information.

City of North Branch to City of Harris

City of North Branch Project Updates

CSAH 30 (Forest Blvd) project information can also be found at the City of North Branch Website.

CR 64 & 65 Resurfacing Project

CR 64 - 420th Street to 425th Street 

CR 65 - 425th Street to 430th Street

CSAH 4 Resurfacing Project

CSAH 7 (Rush Point Drive) to CSAH 2 (North Lake Drive) 

PROPOSED (2022) CSAH 26 (Pleasant Valley Road)

CSAH 37 to Per Road

PROPOSED CSAH 23/24 Roundabout Location

Intersection of CSAH 23 and CSAH 24

Mill and Over Lay Projects

Seal Coat Projects