Advertisement for Bids

Complete digital contract bidding documents for Public Works projects are available for purchase online through Quest Construction Data Network (QuestCDN). QuestCDN is a web based data network that delivers the County's construction project advertisements and bid documents to Contractors in a more time and cost effective manner. Documents may be downloaded for a non refundable fee by inputting the Quest Project Number included in the advertisements on QuestCDN and the Chisago County website. Electronic delivery through QuestCDN includes:

-Bid documents in electronics format, which are a fraction of the cost of paper documents.
-If addenda's are issued, holders of bid documents will automatically be emailed to return the website to access them. Addenda can be downloaded at no cost.
-Plan holder lists will be available on the website.
-QuestCDN can be contacted at 952-233-1632 for any questions regarding free membership registration, downloading or working with the digital bid documents.

Electronic Bidding:
Chisago County has changed to electronic bidding through QuestCDN's VirtuBidTM (vBidTM). vBidTM streamlines the bidding process by effectively and efficiently accepting bids through a secure online network. Electronic bidding through QuestCDN includes:
- Able to accurately fill out and submit bid forms from your own computer.
- Quick and easy acknowledgement and submittal of addenda, surety, and other bid information.
-Immediate Bid Results

QuestCDN Bidder Instructions (PDF)

Please contact QuestCDN at 952-233-1632 or by email for assistance in free membership registration, downloading and working with the digital project information.

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