Septic permit applications will be posted on line during this time. Applications can be filled out and mailed in or dropped off at the courthouse with required fee and submittals/plans/soils tests. There is an overnight mailbox drop box located outside the front door of the government center. DROPBOX IS FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS – CLEARLY MARK OUTSIDE OF ENVELOPES WITH ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES TO ENSURE CORRECT DELIVERY.  Please call for the fee amount.

Septic Permit Application

Procedures remain unchanged for point of sale septic certifications, see link at left.

Sewage Treatment System Standards

Chisago County has adopted Individual Sewage Treatment Systems Standards Chapter 7080, and Chisago County Subsurface Sewage Treatment Ordinance 10-1 (PDF). For a homeowner’s septic system care guide, please call 651-213-8372.

System Requirements

A perc test, specific design proposal, and septic permit are required for the installation, repair, alteration or addition to a septic system.

A septic tank must be 10 feet and a drain-field must be 20 feet from an occupied building. Septic systems must be located a minimum of 10 feet from all property lines, including road right of way.

For questions regarding septic systems and designs, contact Kellie Strobel at 651-213-8373.

Inspection Requirements for NEW System Installations

(SEE POINT OF SALE REQUIREMENTS FOR EXISTING SYSTEM INSPECTIONS links on left of page) Septic inspections require a 24 hour notice, although cannot be guaranteed during the busy season. Inspections are not to be scheduled with inspectors or in the field. Their inspection schedule is set up and maintained at the office between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Please call Patty Perreault at 651-213-8371 to schedule inspections. You will always need the name, site address and permit number when calling to schedule. You may leave a request for an inspection on voice mail as long as you have complete information, but it will not be considered confirmed until you speak directly with a staff person.


Note: Chisago County does not endorse or recommend contractors - this list reflects private individuals who are currently licensed through the state and have provided us with those licenses. Any licensed designer, installer or maintainer may be used - and home owners are allowed to install their own system.


Chisago County does not have any standards or regulations governing or controlling the suitability or acceptability of well water, or the design, installation, or maintenance of water supply systems (wells).

The Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH) Well Management Program protects both public health and groundwater by assuring the proper construction of new wells and borings, and the proper sealing of unused wells and borings. MDH Wells Page.

Neither the County nor the Minnesota Department of Health perform well water testing.

Is the water from the well required to be tested at the time of property transfer? The State of Minnesota does not require testing private well water at the time of property transfer. However, many lending institutions may require testing, typically for coliform bacteria and nitrate, as a condition for approving a loan for the purchase of the property.

Drinking water should be tested by a laboratory certified by MDH to perform the requested test(s). The laboratory will supply sample bottles, sampling instructions, and analysis costs. Water testing laboratories can also be located by looking in the yellow pages under "Laboratories, testing."

This list was compiled using the search feature of the above link to MDH certified labs in surrounding counties of Anoka, Isanti, Washington, and Hennepin:

(No labs were found in Chisago, Pine, or Kanabec)

MN01008Cambridge Water And Wastewater LaboratoryCambridge763-689-1800
MN01013Techtron Engineering, Inc.Anoka763-712-9502
MN00059Interpoll Laboratories, Inc.Circle Pines763-786-6020
MN01003Minneapolis Water DepartmentFridley612-661-4923
MN00076Instrumental Research, IncFridley763-571-3698
MN00911Tri-City/William Lloyd Analytical LabBloomington952-563-4904
MN01019City of Eden Prairie Utilities LaboratoryEden Prairie952-949-8530
MN00905Twin City Water Clinic, Inc.Hopkins952-935-3556
MN00064Pace Analytical Services, LLCMinneapolis612-607-1700
MN01034Engel Water Testing, Inc.Minnetrista952-955-1800

These laboratories held valid accreditation at the time this database search was conducted. This information is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement of a particular laboratory. Other laboratories may hold accreditation for the identified tests and may not appear here due to pending applications or other exclusions not entered into the original query. If you have questions about the accreditation status of a particular laboratory, please contact MNELAP at 651-201-5324 or email MNELAP.

For additional information regarding wells and property transfer visit the wells disclosure page.