Lake Levels and Slow-No-Wake Restrictions

Lake levels fluctuate, primarily in response to changes in precipitation (rain and snow). Fluctuations of lake levels are important to document. Chisago County staff and volunteers regularly monitor lake levels in the Chisago Lakes Lake Improvement District and Chisago countywide.

Lakes that exceed the Ordinary High Water Level (OHW) are subject to the Chisago County Slow No-Wake ordinance restrictions, which temporarily restricts boat speeds within 300 feet of shore during high water conditions.  There is also permanent low boat speeds in many channels connecting lakes under the Slow No-Wake ordinance.

OHW is an elevation delineating the highest water level that has been maintained for a sufficient period of time to leave evidence upon the landscape, commonly the point where the natural vegetation changes from predominantly aquatic to predominantly terrestrial.  Please visit the MN Department of Natural Resources website for more information regarding OHW. 

Slow-No-Wake Ordinance Restrictions


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LID Weir Updates as of 5-21-2020

*Paradise Park Weir: water is not flowing over the top of the weir (water flows from Chisago, North and South Lindstrom Lakes into Wallmark Lake).

*Lofton Avenue Weir: the control gates were opened on April 2, 2020 (the weir is an outlet for Chisago, North/South Lindstrom Lakes into Green/Little Green Lakes). 

*Lake Ellen Weir: the control gate was opened on March 26, 2020 (the weir is an outlet for Green, Little Green and Lake Ellen Lakes into Swamp Lake).

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