Environmental Services/Zoning & Parks

Responsibilities & Duties

The Chisago County Environmental Services Office administers the zoning ordinance, solid waste ordinances, shoreland ordinance, septic ordinance, the Wetland Conservation Act, and the Prohibited Animals Ordinance.

The department also enforces ordinances and building codes, coordinates recycling, household hazardous waste programs, and provides education and information for all of the above.


We are located in Room 243 of the Chisago County Government Center (313 North Main Street) in Center City, Minnesota.

Department hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. We are closed on weekends and holidays.


Please review the Contact Document (PDF) for information on which member of the Environmental Services and Zoning staff you should contact for a particular issue.

Public Notice of Intent to Amend Ordinance

The Chisago County Planning Commission intends to seek public hearing input and comment concerning proposed amendments to the Zoning; Subdivision; and Subsurface Sewage Treatment Ordinances. 

The purpose of the proposed amendments are to remove all reference of depth to mottled soils in the definition of Buildable Area; remove all language in reference to requiring “one acre buildable” within the Zoning, Subdivision, and Subsurface Sewage Treatment Ordinances.