Other Courts

Guardian Ad Litem Program Services

A Guardian Ad Litem provides advocacy for children by gathering information to make recommendations in court regarding their best interest. Most of these cases are related to allegations of child abuse and / or neglect, family violence or marital dissolution proceedings.

Guardian Ad Litems conduct interviews and observe the children and significant people in their lives. They review social service, medical, school, psychological and criminal records and reports. They attend meetings with the other professionals involved with the children and their families. They are advocates for needed services. They outline options and make written and oral recommendations in court regarding the short and long term best interests of the children. They monitor court ordered plans to ensure the children's best interests are being met.

For information contact the PICK (Pine, Isanti, Chisago, Kanabec) Guardian Ad Litem Coordinator: 763-689-8361.

Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court is the division of the District Court in Chisago County, which deals with cases involving children under the age of 18. Various types of cases are heard in Juvenile Court including:

  • Children in need of protection and services cases
  • Delinquency actions
  • Termination of parental rights actions
  • Truancy matters

With very limited exceptions, juvenile files are confidential and hearings involving juvenile cases are closed to the public.

Probate / Mental Health (Civil Commitment) Court

Probate Court has jurisdiction over cases concerning the disposition of property belonging to deceased persons, administration of court-supervised trusts, and proceedings to create guardianships and conservatorships for minor children, incapacitated or incompetent adults. For information on guardianships and conservatorships visit the state court website.

Mental Health

Mental Health has the obligation of committing persons to treatment centers with the allegation of:

  • Chemical Dependency
  • Mental Illness
  • Mental Retardation
  • Psychopathic Personality
  • Referrals from Criminal Court

This court also processes and maintains Petitions for Administration of Neurologic Medications (Jarvis) and Petitions for Involuntary Administration of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). The Mental Health Court is governed by Minnesota Statutes 253B.