"Making Connections" Youth Mentorship Program

The objective of the Chisago County Sheriff's Office "Making Connections" Youth Mentorship Program is to provide youth with the necessary values, motivation and sense of self responsibility to guide him/her towards productive and positive citizenship.

All youth need guidance and support from caring adults, particularly those with risk factors affecting their future success. The Chisago County Sheriff's Office, through partnership with the Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau (LAYSB) and their "Making Connections" mentoring program, is reaching out to help bridge the gap between law enforcement and youth by instilling positive attitudes, reinforcement of responsible values, and good citizenship in hopes of reducing juvenile delinquency.

Employees from the sheriff's office serve as mentors, positive role models, to help youth navigate challenges and build competence in areas that are indicators for success in school and life - work and study skills, social relationships, communications and healthy behaviors.

Joining the Program

Through partnership with the LAYSB, the Chisago County Sheriff's Office innovative mentorship program provides volunteers from the sheriff's office as mentors. The LAYSB matches youth with the mentors who, in turn, connect one-on-one monthly with the youngsters for a minimum of 2 times per month.

In addition, mentors / mentees have the opportunity of participating in quarterly events to develop a sense of community connectedness. While the initial commitment is for 6 months, once matched, the mentors and mentees are encouraged to remain in a relationship through high school graduation.

The LAYSB monitors the progress and work with the mentors and mentee's parents / caregivers to foster support for the mentoring process and facilitates communication about family issues.

If you would like more information or would like to sign up a youth between the ages of 10-17, please visit the LAYSB website at or see the "Making Connections" Youth Mentorship Program application (PDF). You may also email Sergeant Kyle Puelston with the Chisago County Sheriff's Office or call at 651-213-6317 ; or email Andria Flaherty, LAYSB's Youth Enrichment and Mentoring Manager or call at 651-464-3685.