Americans with Disabilities Act Statement for Employees

Chisago County is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all employees, including qualified individuals with disabilities. This may include providing reasonable accommodation, where appropriate. In general it is your responsibility to notify Human Resources if you have a need for an accommodation. Upon doing so, Human Resources may ask you for your input, the type of accommodation you believe may be necessary, or the functional limitation caused by the disability. Also, when appropriate, the County may need your written permission to obtain additional information from your physician or other medical or rehabilitation professional. Any information obtained is kept in a confidential employee file.

All requests for reasonable accommodations will be considered consistent with the business needs of the County in accordance with State and Federal Law.

The County of Chisago complies with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statutes, executive orders, and regulations in all programs and activities. The County operates without regard to race, color, national origin, income, gender, age, and disability. Any person who believes him/herself or any specific class of person, to be subjected to discrimination prohibited by Title VII may by him/herself or by representative file a written complaint with Chisago County or the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

Chisago County's ADA Compliance Officer can be reached at 651-213-8868.